Who the hell are you?

I’m Bob. The name I use when I write is R. P. Davis, solely because it makes my name look like P. G. Wodehouse, P. D. James, and other people with initials instead of names. But here you can call me Bob.

Welcome to the inside of my head. Maybe you’ll find it entertaining. Maybe not. I hope you do!

I write a bunch of stuff. Some of it is fiction of various types. Some of it is essays on life, the universe, and everything (including how awful it is that brilliant phrases like that have penetrated the common lexicon so completely that many users have no idea from whence it came). Some if it is navel contemplation (beware armchair philosophers). There might even be fun links to stuff (have you noticed I like parentheses [there can also be brackets]?).

Have fun. Be nice. Comment freely.